Fixing new gate meant for Automation
See that measure "C" is approximately 100 mm for SW 300 / SW 500 system.

In order to Fix SW 300 / SW 500 or WMS 500, portion of pillar of approx size 1 sq. ft. and depth 1/2 ft corresponding to the horizontal bar of the gate, should be concreted.

Gate Opening Inwards

  • Check measure ā€œCā€ as in (Fig. 1). If it is more than 110 mm, it is ideal to use Wall Mounted or Underground system.
  • Keep ā€˜Cā€™ on 100 mm, if fixing a new gate
  • If wish to hide the motor system, use Underground system. In this extension of gate support to the ground should be avoided (Fig. 2). The leaf should have ground clearance of approx. 50 mm.
  • Finally section of motor depends on weight of gate leaf. Generally Cast iron gates need heavy system like SW 500 or WS 500 or UG 500.

Gate opening Outwards
SW 300 / 500 system will be more visible, you open the gate. Underground system is ideal.

Opening Angle

If Opening angle requirement is more than 100°, it is ideal to use wall mounted (150°) or underground (180°) system.

No KSEB power

Location where KSEB is not available, Solar Powered unit can be installed.


  • Customer should provide Single phase 230V AC line (1,5 wire) to one piller.
  • If wish to provide Push ON Switch to open/close the gate in addition to Remote Transmitter, customer should provide co-axial cable from Pillar to the House, where you want to fix the switch.
  • Customer should see that, the gate moves free, throughout its operating area.
  • In order to confirm which type of opener should be used it is necessary which type of your gate is.

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